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A threefold offering

Integration of STEPS software in your company

The first part of our service offering is to equip the company with STEPS software. The integration of STEPS software is a must for your leap towards robust innovation. Users benefit of a tool to assist all of their innovative projects, but firstly, of a support allowing them to easily approach the other two components of our offer.

IDM-TRIZ trainings for facilitators and users

Time To Innovate service offering

IDM-TRIZ trainings are conducted in collaboration with INSA Strasbourg. The training offer is available at various levels (English or French) and allows people to acquire the required skills to appropriately conduct IDM-TRIZ studies along the company’s design process. Trainings are available from 2 days (to learn the basics) to 3 weeks (to become a facilitator).

Get support on real studies

The final component of the offering is to support the company on case studies with a facilitator. For 5 to 10 days, an IDM-TRIZ expert assists users on a case study chosen by the company, leading to the synthesis of inventive concepts. Mentoring studies in company has a twofold objective: Complete users training to enable them to efficiently conduct inventive design studies. Thus, solving the treated case reassures the company's choice to invest in IDM-TRIZ internal dissemination.

These benefits are all led by members of the STEPS network, partners of Time To Innovate:

IDM-TRIZ powered by STEPS

Exelop Innoppie XFive


Thanks to the combination of methodological skills and software, the service offering allows to empower the logic of systematic and robust innovation.

IDM-TRIZ powered by STEPS !