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STEPS | Time To Innovate - Method and software for innovation based on TRIZ


STEPS: Systematic Tool for Efficient Problem Solving

Why a software?

To support IDM-TRIZ practices in industry

IDM-TRIZ is a powerful method developed to guide the engineer in his efforts to innovate. The method has a series of steps guiding the engineer in a creative design process.


STEPS software allows the user to be guided in its use of IDM-TRIZ and efficiently handle all the study data. Through its user-friendly interface, it provides a screen for each step of the method and can efficiently exploit the study data entered by the user.

A software also for knowledge capitalization

Many studies are conducted on technical systems by companies. Knowledge on these systems is multidisciplinary; and therefore held among different experts. These people are experts in their field but cannot guarantee the sustainability of the knowledge they hold. It is nowadays necessary for companies to capitalize on this knowledge; and combine them into a model which can be easily exploited.


STEPS software was developed for this purpose. It serves as a support for Inventive Design Method and records data related to technical systems throughout the steps of the method, as well. Thus, the study can be retrieved and reused in the future and be completed according to the evolution of the system. Since this model is multidisciplinary, each person involved in complex projects and possessing partially knowledge about the system may contribute to its development.

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With the STEPS software, you have the perfect tool for a systematic and robust innovation!