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[Event] Time To Innovate at Industries Days


Time To Innovate will present at the Industries Days event on 3 and 4 June 2015. The company will be accompanied by its partner Xfive at this convention business that brings together...

[Event] It's Time To Innovate conference


Simon Fuhlhaber, president of Time To Innovate, is invited to participate in the round table organized by INSA de Rouen, entitled "It's time to innovate". This will be held Thursday, February 5, 2015 at 18pm.


Time To Innovate has signed a partnership with the Korean KID


Time To Innovate has signed a partnership with KID, a Korean company specialized in TRIZ led by Professor Kyeongwon LEE. This partnership will develop Time To Innovate activities in South Korea, where TRIZ knows a great success both in industry and in education.

Professor LEE Kyeongwon spent a year between 2013 and 2014 at INSA Strasbourg to be trained to IDM-TRIZ and STEPS tools and to develop relationship between France and South Korea on the subject of innovation dedicated tools.

Time to Innovate : capitalize on the knowledge to stimulate inventiveness


The Alsace pole Energivie published an article on Time To Innovate in which it describes one of the strength of STEPS: fostering creativity within a company by releasing the creative...

Samsung has become user of STEPS


Samsung, through Samsung Electronics in South Korea, has become user of STEPS software distributed by Time To Innovate. More than 35 000 people are trained to TRIZ at Samsung...

[Event] Monaco - Innovative Projects Management


Simon Fuhlhaber, president of Time To Innovate, will be present Thursday, June 26, 2014 in Monaco at the event "Innovative Projects Management - Innovation Management" organized by the...

Time To Innovate in the 30 most innovative SMEs of Alsace


La Tribune newspaper popose this week a record of the 30 most innovative SMEs of Alsace. Time To Innovate appears through the innovative approach it offers...

Innovation tools are not enough to make an innovative company


The innovation tools are now numerous: Open Innovation, Crowdsourcing, Brainstorming, etc ... IDM-TRIZ is it just one more method or does it differ from these tools?


Time To Innovate and Exelop awarded in South Korea


Time To Innovate and Exelop received a "Best Paper Award" at the "Global TRIZ Conference" held in Seoul on 9, 10 and 11 July 2013. This...

Samsung invites INSA Strasbourg in South Korea


Denis Cavallucci, deputy director of LGECO laboratory at INSA Strasbourg, visited South Korea at the invitation of Samsung to present the laboratory's research around TRIZ. Samsung...